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Class Pass

Give the student control and choice.  Encourages students to choose engagement in the classroom

Class Pass Intervention Steps

  1. Meet with the student to teach them about Class Passes and how

    to appropriately request a break using a Class Pass

  2. Identify a spot where the student can break and engage in a preferred activity for 3 to 7 minutes (this depends on how long staff are willing to accept)

  3. Determine the rewards and/or privileges that can be earned by saving the class passes (make it such that the more passes means the better the reward and/or privilege)

  4. Give the student a predetermined amount of class passes (anywhere from 3 to 5)

  5. When implementing Class Passes, provide prompts to the student to use the Class Pass if you see him beginning to engage in problem behavior

  6. Monitor and track the effectiveness of the intervention

  7. Give the student feedback about how he is doing


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