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Learn More About Your Student

Key Questions & Considerations:

  • What is the student’s Primary Language?

  • What are some key characteristics of the student’s Culture

  • What is the student’s Birth Country?

  • How long have they been in the U.S, if they were not born here? 

  • What were the circumstances of their immigration? (e.g., refugee resettlement, moved for a particular job or position, immigrated to find a better life, move was difficult, move was facilitated, etc.)****

  • Trauma-Related Guiding Questions IEP Guidance Document p.26

Does the student show any evidence of the following? 

  • being overwhelmed

  • hyperarousal 

  • cognitive distortions 

  • explosive/reactive behaviors 

  • hypervigilant behaviors 

  • anxiety or nervousness 

  • irrational or extreme fears

**** It is very important to remember that it is illegal to question the immigration status (i.e., documented or undocumented) of a family (Plyler vs. Doe,  1982).  So, for the last question, it is best to gather as much information from student records.  To avoid potential problems, do not question the family directly about the circumstances of their immigration to the U.S.

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