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Tier I provides universal strategies that are good for all students by providing consistency and predictability throughout the school day. 

Easing Transitions

Transitioning from one activity to another can be equated to changing gears in a car.  For some students, they need to know what is coming next to ensure that they shift easily into the next activity. Predictability reduces anxiety and allows for easier transitions.

Cueing - The Clutch

Just as the clutch in a car frees the gears to allow for shifting.  A cue can be used to signal the brain that a transition is coming.  The cue allows the mind to disengage from the current activity and to consider the upcoming change. 

Use a cue such as a music wand, bell, or song to gain the students' attention.  Direct their focus to the schedule and indicate that we are finishing this activity and what will be coming next.  Tell the students what is expected now (clean up, get books, etc.), then what to do (go to your stations, line up at the door, etc.). 


Give all students time to process the information.

Class Schedule - The Gear Shift

Let students easily shift into what occurs next with a consistent schedule that is designed to communicate to all students within their communication modalities.  A clear understanding of what happens next allows the mind to shift free of anxiety.

This schedule is easy to follow for students that can read text and tell time.

This schedule meets the needs of students that can read and students that can not.  It does not require the ability to tell time.

This schedule meets most students where they are.  For readers, there is text.  For visual learners, pictures.  For students that comprehend time, times are listed. For those that can't tell time, a first/then indicator is used.

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