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School-Home Note System

This strategy is beneficial for:

  • Parents that need extra skills in parenting.

  • Families that are willing to participate with the school to increase their child's performance.

  • Students that appear to be unresponsive to school based behavior techniques.

  • Increasing consistency across settings.

Celebrate my good day with me!

On this day, the teacher has determined that the student's behavior was worthy of celebration.  This is determined a lack of or reduction in sad faces.  Parents and student should have an understanding of how the behavior is rated. Parents should provide praise and/or a tangible reward or increased privileges.

Encourage me to have a better day tomorrow indicates the need for consequences.  These consequences are agreed upon by parent and teacher.  They are to be a loss of privileges (TV, Video games, cell phone, etc.) or task based grounding (completing chores)

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