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Behavior Contract

A behavior contract is an agreement between a student, their parent and the teacher. It spells out the expected behavior, the unacceptable behavior, the benefits (or rewards) for improving behavior and the consequence for failing to improve behavior. Accountability is an important part of the success of a behavior contract.

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  • Negotiated agreement for all parties

  • Effective for “won’t Do” kids

  • Not effective for “Can’t Do” Kids

  • When students exhibit persistent behavior problems

  • When students are very unorganized

  • When students consistently fail to compete daily class/school requirements (work, behavior expectations, peer interactions, lunch, etc)

  • When students exhibit persistent emotional difficulties, like frustration, anxiety, tantrums, etc.

  • When students are defiant and oppositional


  1. Identify the target behavior.

  2. Negotiate an agreement

  3. Describe what the student should do

  4. Provide a goal statement

  5. Outline the reward and how often the student will earn the reward

  6. Use the contract to pre-correct and prompt behavior

  7. Provide the reward when the student meets the goal

Grade Level:

All levels


Whole Group/Small Group/Individual:



Progress Monitoring Tools:

You may have a student self-monitoring protocol, or even a teacher checklist or teacher record sheet. Often it can be as simple as a three by five inch note card taped to the desk, where the teacher can place a star or a check for appropriate behavior.

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