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FBA Step 3

Summarize or detail baseline data for the problem behavior


  • Narrative and/or graphic summary, collected within the past 30 days, which may include:

    • Problem Behavior

    • Method of Measurement: Choose at least one method

      • Frequency count (tally)

      • Duration (How long does the behavior last?)

      • Latency (How long does it take to see the behavior?

      • Intensity rubric (Attach copy of your rubric)

      • Time Sampling (Whether behavior occurs in specified time intervals)

    • Time period data was collected                                                    

    • Analysis of the outcomes



The method of measurement for collecting baseline data should match the procedures for data collection detailed at Step 7 of the BIP.  (e.g., if frequency count is method of measuring baseline for FBA, frequency count should be the procedure for data collection for the BIP


For a student with an IEP, the ARC should:

  • Include baseline for the problem behavior in the Present Levels of Performance

  • Consider how baseline will serve as a starting point for an IEP Goal or Behavior Intervention Plan.


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