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Active Supervision

Active supervision is a highly proactive practice of moving continuously, scanning all areas of the setting, and interacting positively with authenticity. 

Trauma Lens:
Active supervision provides a sense of safety for students as well as frequent opportunities for relationship development. 
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What does it
look like?
  • Ability to see the whole room at all times
  • Movement throughout the space
  • Giving feedback to individuals and groups

How is it done?


Move throughout space. Use proximity by continuously moving to monitor, support, and be present


Visually sweep areas to monitor, prevent, and/or reinforce behavior. 


Provide feedback to students to reinforce, prevent, or teach academic and behavioral skills.  

  • Use each component (moving, scanning, interacting) 10 times in a 20 minute period. 

  • Have an organized physical environment that allows for ease of movement. 

  • Ensure scanning is always possible even when teaching from alternate locations.

    • Can you see all of your students when working one-on-one with a student or when they are in small groups?​

  • Set a routine for scanning and interacting with students when engaged in another responsibility. 

    • Example: after three interactions with a group or after grading 2 papers​

  • Use the observation tool to self-assess and gain peer-assessment from colleagues or administrators.

Information from:

Midwest PBIS

Missouri SW-PBIS


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