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Establishing Expectations, Rules, & Routines

Establish consistency in your classroom and across the school with the same school-wide expectations and rules. Build your routines and procedures in your classroom around the same expectations and rules. 

Trauma Lens:
Clearly stated rules and expectations create consistency and predictability. Routines support regulation, and can develop social- emotional
What does it
look like?
  • Expectations
  • Rules/Examples
  • Routines & Procedures

What does it look like? 


3-5 school-wide expectations that exemplify the vision of the school.(Class and school should be the same.)


Observable, measurable, positively stated, applicable, and understandable pro-social examples for each expectation. 


Posted procedures for automating common activities. Routines should be for both external behaviors and social-emotional skills. 

  • Use expectations to create a matrix to integrate social, emotional, and behavioral examples all together​

  • Keep the number of rules/examples manageable. Try to pick the top few for each expectation that will have the biggest impact.

  • Get student input on the established rules. Are they clear? What are examples and non-examples? 

  • Daily: Identify an expectation and rule/example  to match the period's academic learning objective in the lesson plan. Post it as a prompt for what behavior to expect and reinforce. 

  • Use the observation tool to self-assess and gain peer-assessment from colleagues or administrators.

Information from:

Midwest PBIS

Missouri SW-PBIS


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